Immersive training to boost your tech skills

The Hacker Fellows program kicks off with a software end entrepreneurial bootcamp designed to get you startup ready, give your tech skills a boost of confidence and build your understanding of starting a company. As part of Hacker Fellows, you’ll study with a team of instructors, get immersed in our cohort-based learning environment and surround yourself with the creative energy of Detroit.

Through the Hacker Fellows bootcamp, fellows and interns will get hands-on experience with technologies and practices commonly used by Michigan’s leading startups through our technical curriculum. Complementing our technical curriculum Hacker Fellows will get a holistic look at startups, venture capital and technical management principles taught by Invest Detroit Ventures and leading ecosystem experts.

The Hacker Fellows bootcamp is all expense paid for fellows and interns, we house you in Detroit, provide a stipend for meals and entertainment, and have a roster of events to expose you to the city. We learn together, eat together, and find a little time for fun beyond the laptop.

We’ve crafted the Hacker Fellows bootcamp to make sure our fellows and interns have a soft landing when entering the fast-paced world of startups.

Hacker Fellows Internship Bootcamp

May 11, 2020 - May 15, 2020

Our one-week training program is focused on boosting tech skills of student developers who will soon be interning at fast-paced teams. Interns will receive a holistic curriculum on full-stack development. In addition to our technical curriculum, students will be exposed to entrepreneurship and venture capital practices

Jeseekia Vaughn

One Week Curriculum: Full-Stack Software Development

Jeseekia Vaughn is a Software Engineer at Autonomic, building the Transportation Mobility Cloud, a transportation and mobility platform for connected vehicles. She was a former Hacker Fellow in 2018 and has vast experience developing and instructing coding curriculums at Grand Circus and Girl Develop It.

Jeseekia has co-founded TrainX.AI, focusing on making tomorrow’s technology accessible to Metro Detroiters through science and AI instruction.

Jeseekia’s passions lie within teaching/promoting STEM education, youth mentoring, and entrepreneurship.

Hacker Fellows Fellowship Bootcamp

May 11, 2020 - May 28, 2020

Our three-week immersive training program for recent graduates and budding engineers. Training is tailored for fellows to dig into their hard and soft skills when developing software. In addition to our technical curriculum, fellows will be exposed to the startup lifecycle, funding mechanisms and venture capital.

Mack Hendricks

Week 1: RESTFul API Development and Consumption using Java

Mack Hendricks has worked the last 6 years on building an Enterprise Open Source Support company called dOpenSource, a subsidiary of Flyball. He found a niche on providing support for Open Source VoIP solutions. Most recently Mack co-founded TrainX.AI, focusing on making tomorrow’s technology accessible to Metro Detroiters through science and AI instruction.

Before starting many of his own ventures, Mack gained deep engineering experience with Oracle and Hortonworks (now Cloudera).


Ramin Keene

Week 2: Deployment to AWS, Scalability, Cost, Fault Tolerance

Ramin Keene has spent the last five years working with data teams and large enterprises to put machine learning, a/b testing, and data science products into production.

Ramin spent much of his career in senior engineering roles with Apartment Therapy, Nordstrom, and Tune. Ramin was the lead engineer at Campless, transforming the company into now StockX where he led all engineering and data science as they grew to $300,000,000 in gross merchandise volume.

Most recently, Ramin founded Fuzzbox, where he creates automated fault injection and safety analysis tools.


Marcus Blankenship

Week 3: Technical Leadership and Management

Marcus Blankenship was a Team Lead, Software Manager, and CTO for the better part of nineteen years. He speaks at conferences, leads workshops on technical leadership around the US, and helped companies like Box, Netflix, and PayPal grow effective technical leaders.

He’s hired, lead and coached cross-disciplinary design & development teams for over 15 years. Today he helps other agency owners and technicians elevate from doing the hands on work to leading their teams.