From Hired to Hiring (Startup Stories 18.06)

Tremaine Grant, Bulk, 2018 Hacker Fellow

Tremaine Grant, Bulk, 2018 Hacker Fellow

It’s been 9 months and 3 weeks since being able to say that I am a full-time employee of BULK, a company I cofounded with Caleb Diaz. The feeling of having creative control, and direct impact on the people who use our app, never gets old. Now we are embarking on a new journey and that’s building a team.

It’s taken us a long time to take this step, mainly because we have been in the same shoes as the people we want to help build our company. We have been on the other end of the recruiting process, so being on this side of things, we are able to ask ourselves an important question. What would we have changed throughout our experience? To do this I have to take a step back and think about my own journey.

Small Fish Big Pond

Before I came to Detroit, I can remember being a student at Florida State, wondering what was next. I was excited about something new, yet filled with anxiety because in my mind this would be a life-changing decision. I knew, the first company I decided to work for after graduation would set the tone for the rest of my life.

Why would there be multiple Fortune 500 companies be interested in hiring me? I didn’t understand my potential and my value. Through the entire interview process I felt like I was this big sham.

I chose to work for a large company in the automotive industry, or rather they chose me. And that was another misconception — the idea that they were doing me a favor rather than a mutual exchange. I would soon come to realize that I would just be another number. A headcount. A body.

More Than Just a Body

I moved to Detroit in June of 2013, and I was super excited to start working. I was excited that I would have the opportunity to impact hundreds of thousands of people.

For the first year, I was satisfied because the things I built were actually being used by people all around the world. It wasn’t long before my love for this job would fade. I was exiting the honeymoon phase faster than I could adjust. My mind was changing.

Something was missing, and it wasn’t until my year-end review that I realized what it was. I had poured my heart and soul into the projects I worked on, and the review that I received didn’t reflect that. It was extremely impersonal, and the way they scored me was a simple metric. It was based on department-wide delivery versus my individual talent. My manager knew I had been one of the top performers but because of politics he purposely scaled back on giving me the score I deserved.

This is when I realized that at a company this large I was just a body. In my heart, I knew I was much more than that.

You’re The Catch

Acknowledging that I was the catch would have made the difference for me. Coming from the perspective of a former athlete, when you think about the recruiting process of a top-ranked athlete, the recruiters understand that the athlete is the catch. The process then changes direction from an interview of the athlete to more of an interview of the coach, their potential teammates, the school, and all its faculty.

As a 5 star ranked point guard in high school, what do you have to offer me? How will this environment help me move from NCAA level talent to an NBA prospect? This is the mind set new college grads need to take when going through their recruiting process.

Our Quest at Bulk

At BULK: The Weight Gain App, We are not recruiting just bodies. We are recruiting people that resonate with the problems that our users face. We are recruiting people that want to learn, be challenged, and elevate their mindset. We understand that energy is contagious. The people you bring around you and in your circle can change you for the better or the worst.

So in recruiting it goes back to asking ourselves questions after we meet our potential teammates. How do they want to change the world? Is it possible for us to help them do that? We want to bring in talent that wants to make a difference. Even if it’s not directly with helping people bulk.

It’s important to us to acknowledge that BULK may be a stepping stone for our teammates and that they have a greater purpose beyond helping build BULK. As a team and as leaders, we can help them to actualize and activate that purpose inside them.

Tre and Co-Founder    Caleb Diaz    pitching Bulk. Photo via    Florida State University

Tre and Co-Founder Caleb Diaz pitching Bulk. Photo via Florida State University

We Are Looking For You

Bulk gives us a unique opportunity to affect a very underrepresented group of people that have a problem that isn’t talked about much. On the physical front its body size. The feeling of being too skinny can directly affect people's confidence, and their ability to feel love for themselves, and others.

I mentioned above that every person on our team doesn’t have to identify with the problem of not being able to gain weight, but we want people that understand what it’s like to not be confident, or have insecurities. These are the people that understand that, with us, they have the opportunity to affect individuals, and boost confidence globally.

If any of the above excites you, let’s chat!

Also… Feel free to download and try BULK.

Tremaine Grant is a 2018 Hacker Fellow, graduate from Florida State University with a degree in Information Technology and Co-Founder of Bulk: The Weight Gain App.