Michigan’s Got Talent, Let’s Keep It

With over 700 applications for our 2019 program, these young developers are soon to make huge impact at the startups they are soon to work with! We‘ve always believed in the brilliant minds that Michigan has to offer and we’re confident 2019 will show that again. Help us in welcoming our 2019 Hacker Fellows and Interns!

The Corporate Plunge (Startup Stories 18.02)

In early May of 2018, I received an email from Hacker Fellows stating that a space became available for their fellowship program and it would be available to me if I accepted. I was elated. I couldn’t believe that I could have the opportunity to be a part of such a generous and growth-oriented program. That elation lasted for about two days, and then the nerves set in. Then, when I was packing to move to Detroit for 5-weeks to train with the 14 other fellows, the nerves REALLY set in!

Caught Up in the Company Culture (Intern Files #020)

Whoops … Before I knew it, I spent a few pay checks on sneakers and designer streetwear items from our company’s website. &%*$!!!! Financial missteps aside, I feel extremely lucky to have worked for StockX, and soon … my summer project is getting deployed into production!

Live n' Learn (Intern Files #017)

When I'm finished, every integration test will include a performance report on various metrics of our system. We have to keep our stack running at light speed! Another great thing about working for a startup is that there is no excessive management overhead. I absolutely love this. More time coding, and less time in meetings! 

Skillin' It (Intern Files #016)

With that being said, I couldn’t have gotten this internship opportunity without Hacker Fellows, and for that I will be forever grateful. The whole Hacker Fellows experience has exceeded my expectations, from the first week of the bootcamp up until now.

The Dichotomy of Tech (Intern Files #014)

If there’s anything to bear in mind as you approach the world and perceive others, it’s to remember that you can do both! You can do things that are seemingly at odds with your identity and have a multiplicity of valuable skills. Someday, I hope that this incongruence will be celebrated...but until then let's shotgun some Tecates and talk about non-deterministic polynomial-time hardness!