Start Garden

Microcontrollers Stole my Summer (Intern Files #009)

Working in Start Gardenโ€™s co-working space, I met so many amazing people with such great ideas. One of the main perks of working at Start Garden is being exposed to the entrepreneurial ecosystem they are building within West Michigan. This network of doers, thinkers, makers is so embedded within the community. I'm still figuring out how I can remain part of this network despite moving back to Ann Arbor.

First Week of Work in Grand Rapids (Intern Files #002)

Prepping for my first day of work, I remember feeling both nervous and excited on Sunday night. Now that the first week of work is over, I can confidently say that working at Start Garden is an incredible opportunity for me to learn about the Smart City initiative and IoT. Grand Rapids will be the perfect place to live for the next eight weeks.