Building Software With Empathy (Intern Files #025)

I started to use decentralized apps I was so excited about blockchain technology. I quickly realized the tools that existed to use this technology were not meant for people like me, who are not technically savvy. I was so excited about the potential for blockchain but I felt stuck in this situation where I couldn’t actually use the technology. Because of this, I created TryCrypto, blockchain tools your grandma can use.

My First Real Programming Experience (Intern Files #023)

Done with OU for the summer, and completed the Hacker Fellows internship bootcamp. Now off to Lansing to kick off my internship experience with Lingco Language Labs. I was tasked with learning React, HTML and CSS to make marketing facing design changes, and that is when the hammer came down…

Blending Development and Entrepreneurship (Intern Files #022)

I am not one of those people who knew they were going to be a Computer Scientist from birth or had been programming since they were nine years old (OK, bit of an exaggeration, but I know people who started programming really young). In fact, I had zero experience with programming!