InfoReady Corp

Gymfellows, Pumping Iron and Writing Code (Intern Files #004)

Interning 9-5 InfoReady Corp., working on their UX/UI initiatives has already been a very nice summer experience. A few of the interns and myself wanted to make a point to take a step away from coding and get in shape. We created a workout Slack Channel! We call it ... not "Gymterns," "Gymfellows!" No gymtimidation here! 

After The Honeymoon Phase (Intern Files #003)

The honeymoon is over and 14 days of work at InfoReady Corp. down! To my surprise, my first week was planning for scale and my second week was sifting through mountains of Angular 2. This summer is building to be the season of working with a tech company full of mentorship and heavy hitting connections.