Hacker Fellows

Fortune 500 to New Venture (Startup Stories 19.02)

A year ago, I was in the final week of an internship for a Fortune 500 company. Now I’m working for a startup with less than ten of us on the team. While working for a large company, I had the freedom to explore software development in any department. Now at my startup, I have the freedom to take the lead on certain projects, propose and implement new projects, and the freedom to represent the company.

Hamming It Up (Startup Stories 19.01)

Now that undergrad is complete, it is easy to come home from work and feel justified in spending the day doing a whole lot of nothing. I earned it, right? I worked hard, so I’m entitled to a guilt-free movie binge. That’s all well and good, but then a couple weeks of that pass and you’re catching up with an old friend. The inevitable “what’ve you been up to?” question gets popped, and you realize that you’ve become about as interesting as your current LinkedIn profile.

Building Software With Empathy (Intern Files #025)

I started to use decentralized apps I was so excited about blockchain technology. I quickly realized the tools that existed to use this technology were not meant for people like me, who are not technically savvy. I was so excited about the potential for blockchain but I felt stuck in this situation where I couldn’t actually use the technology. Because of this, I created TryCrypto, blockchain tools your grandma can use.

My First Real Programming Experience (Intern Files #023)

Done with OU for the summer, and completed the Hacker Fellows internship bootcamp. Now off to Lansing to kick off my internship experience with Lingco Language Labs. I was tasked with learning React, HTML and CSS to make marketing facing design changes, and that is when the hammer came down…

Blending Development and Entrepreneurship (Intern Files #022)

I am not one of those people who knew they were going to be a Computer Scientist from birth or had been programming since they were nine years old (OK, bit of an exaggeration, but I know people who started programming really young). In fact, I had zero experience with programming!

Michigan’s Got Talent, Let’s Keep It

With over 700 applications for our 2019 program, these young developers are soon to make huge impact at the startups they are soon to work with! We‘ve always believed in the brilliant minds that Michigan has to offer and we’re confident 2019 will show that again. Help us in welcoming our 2019 Hacker Fellows and Interns!

From World Travels to Video Automation (Startup Stories 18.07)

After graduating from UMich with a Psychology degree, I spent the majority of my early to mid-twenties traveling. I woke up one morning, just tired. Tired of packing, tired of moving, of living out of a suitcase, of building my bank account up just to obliterate it again, or not knowing what I was doing with my life. I decided to go to a coding bootcamp to become a web developer, moved back to Detroit and began working for Waymark. Now, I have more opportunity, skills, and freedom.

From Hired to Hiring (Startup Stories 18.06)

I chose to work for a large company in the automotive industry, or rather they chose me. And that was another misconception. The idea that they were doing me a favor rather than a mutual exchange. But I would soon come to realize that I would just be another number. A headcount. A body.