Hacker Fellows

From Hired to Hiring (Startup Stories 18.06)

I chose to work for a large company in the automotive industry, or rather they chose me. And that was another misconception. The idea that they were doing me a favor rather than a mutual exchange. But I would soon come to realize that I would just be another number. A headcount. A body.

Finding the Way and Leaning In (Startup Stories 18.05)

I wanted to be a Physical Therapist when I started at Michigan State. I played sports my whole life, dealt with numerous injuries, and thought a career helping people recover from injuries was the right path for me. I ended up becoming a software developer…

Modding Calculators and Ping Pong (Startup Stories 17.04)

I've had a love for calculators, since getting my TI-Nspire that was required my freshman year of high school. Getting that calculator led to modding it for games in class, which led to more versatile calculators, which led to my interest in software development. Fast forward 6 years or so, I graduated from Michigan Tech with a Software Engineering degree and am now working with SU2 Systems

A Groundswell of Momentum (Startup Stories 17.03)

My path as a software developer has definitely been a groundswell of momentum. At age ten, I started to save money for a laptop, bought the laptop at age 11, at age 16 I got my first web dev job. Now at age 21, I'm working for ProNav Marine, building out their trolling motor and mobile application.