Ann Arbor

Live n' Learn (Intern Files #017)

When I'm finished, every integration test will include a performance report on various metrics of our system. We have to keep our stack running at light speed! Another great thing about working for a startup is that there is no excessive management overhead. I absolutely love this. More time coding, and less time in meetings! 

Texas to Michigan (Startup Stories 17.09)

Everything I’ve just talked about I could have done in Texas, except for that Michigan quality beer. But even then, it would have been completely different. My first photography pictures wouldn’t have been of the Heidelberg project. I wouldn’t have gotten to get my first bike and ride it around Belle Isle.

Kickstarting My Dreams (Startup Stories 17.02)

For as long as I could remember I wanted to take the pictures in my head and make them real. My childhood was spent living vicariously through the characters I played in video games. Fast forward 15 years of so, I released my first indie game on Steam, successfully crowdfunded the creation of my newest game and am currently working with Waymark in Detroit. 

Imposter Syndrome...Almost Gone (Startup Stories 17.01)

Like most of my journey into the tech industry, my introduction to Hacker Fellows was plagued by imposter syndrome. I’m too old, I don’t have a degree in Computer Science, blah, blah, blah. Now that the 5-week training bootcamp is complete, I can confidently say that my imposter syndrome is banished...Almost...