Going Live (Startup Stories 17.11)

Nico Vergara, Ambassador, HF 2017

Nico Vergara, Ambassador, HF 2017

I enjoy many things in life, two being software development and teaching, but I’ve never been able to think of a way to combine the two.

Growing up, I found school to be quite rigid and not the best place to truly learn. This is actually what peaked my interest in teaching because I loved to learn, just not how I was told I should, and this is something I wanted to fix. Once I graduated university and started working, I began to think of ways to be able to both work in the software engineering field as well as teach what I did every day. Since I didn’t like the traditional way of teaching, I looked for alternative ways to achieve my goal. That’s when I stumbled upon streaming.

My friend introduced me to Twitch when I was trying to find something to listen to while working. Though I game occasionally, I’m not a huge gamer so I started to look at the other small, but active communities on there and found the Programming group. I’ve always been someone that likes to listen to tech talks while also working/programming (I know, nerd alert) so I decided to give it a chance and oh boy, was it rough.


Nico is a 2017 Hacker Fellow who studied Computer Science at Michigan State University. He is currently working with Ambassador in Royal Oak.