Intern Soon To Be Master (Intern Files #024)

Rahul Yalamanchili , 2019 HF Intern,  Lingco

Rahul Yalamanchili, 2019 HF Intern, Lingco

Hacker Fellows has allowed me to partake in a unique experience that I didn’t even know existed. From the learning sessions during the bootcamp to securing an internship at Lingco, I have continually found immense value in the things this HF internship has allowed me to do.

My story begins at the Michigan State University career fair where I met Sam, Program Director of Hacker Fellows. As a soon-to-be MSU graduate, I was looking for a summer internship before I go back to school for my Master’s degree. Naturally, I applied online before meeting Sam in person, and a couple of interviews later, I became a part of the 2019 intern cohort.


Us interns started off the program by attending a week-long bootcamp while being housed at the Wayne State University dorms. We had web dev learning sessions daily and numerous lunch events. We were free to explore the city and hang out in the evening, so we did just that. During one of those evenings, a few of us rode scooters into downtown for dinner (and also realized that using those scooters can get really expensive really fast). We played board games and HeadsUp in the dorms to kill time, sometimes well into the night. I loved that we grew together as a group over just one week, and that I got to experience Detroit with my cohort.

The best part of the bootcamp, in my opinion, was getting to know the other interns because we are an incredibly diverse group of students from different colleges and backgrounds.

Working at Lingco has been incredibly fun not only because I get to work with some of my favorite technologies, but also because my co-workers are incredibly talented and strive to make sure that we succeed as a team. Working at a startup like Lingco has allowed me learn the inner workings of how a startup works, and not just work on pushing out features and moving on. My manager continues to check on me to make sure that what I’m working on is something I want to do, and that made a world of a difference in increasing my work output without me even realizing it. 

After the end of this internship, I will be going back to MSU to finish up grad school, and I’m excited to see what the future holds!


Rahul Yalamanchili is a 2019 Hacker Fellows Intern, finishing his Master’s in CS from Michigan State. He spent summer of 2019 working for Lingco Language Labs as a Software Engineering Intern.