Peerstachio's DTX Launch Detroit Journey

Cristian Guillen, Peerstachio, 2017 HF Intern

Cristian Guillen, Peerstachio, 2017 HF Intern

From the beginning of the DTX Launch Detroit program at TechTown I was ready to learn more about building a startup and learning what it actually takes to start one. Throughout the summer, at DTX we had workshops in which we learned new skills that will help us out in our customer discovery and also give us a deep understanding of the Business Model Canvas.

A workshop that I appreciated the most was a workshop focused thematic analysis. During the workshop we learned how to analyze our customer discoveries by understanding key points that our customers mentioned when we interviewed them. This allowed us to understand more in depth the data we collect and how to use it to get a deeper understanding of our customers.

The company that my cofounder, Scarlett and I were building is called Peerstachio which helps improve students' grades by connecting underclassmen with trusted upperclassmen, getting them the academic help they need in a responsive way. This idea originated when Scarlett had a difficult time adjusting to the academics as she is a first generation student. I also shared a similar story, being the first person in my family to attend university.

We decided to work together and build a web platform that will allow students learn more effectively in college.

Long story short ... We won the grand prize at DTX Launch Detroit of $10,000 for Peerstachio! With the prize money, we plan to launch our minimum valuable product (MVP) by the end of month (August). This is so we can test it with students and allow them to learn more effectively. We also want to see if students will be using the MVP we built.

We will continue to pursue ways of improving our Peerstachio and hopefully one day help all college students learn more!

Thank you to TechTown and to the partners of the DTX Launch Detroit Program! 

DTX Launch Detroit is a program of the Detroit Technology Exchange (DTX), a programmatic partnership between TechTown Detroit, the Design Core DetroitGrand Circus, the Henry Ford Innovation InstituteInvest Detroit, and NextEnergy, is designed to recruit and groom talent for tech entrepreneurship opportunities and convert innovative technologies into Detroit-based startups. It is supported by the Michigan Economic Development Corp.’s Michigan Strategic Fund, Bank of AmericaNew Economy InitiativeLEAR Corporation and General Motors.