How I Emailed Support And Got An Internship (Intern Files #005)

Jacob Myers, StockX, 2017 HF Intern

Jacob Myers, StockX, 2017 HF Intern

Throughout the school year, college students are usually faced with the challenge of finding and landing an internship for the upcoming summer. This challenge may vary in cruciality depending on one’s class standing, but most people throughout their undergraduate engineering curriculum are actively looking for an internship at some point. With the Hacker Fellows internship program, they were able to “hook-up” a bunch of current college students with internships throughout Michigan, which is awesome for everyone involved in that situation.

As cool as their internship-pairing program is, I actually had gotten my internship before applying to the Hacker Fellows program, which differentiated me from the rest of the group. A few weeks before the internship bootcamp began, everyone had to go through a short, extensive interview process with various startup companies around the state consisting of exchanging their resumes, doing some technical interviews, some quick “chit-chats”. But while that was all happening, I had actually started my internship for StockX, and i’d like to share how that actually came about, and how I ended up as an Hacker Fellow Intern that was just a little different than the rest.

One night, I was just driving around with my friends in West Bloomfield, just talking about internship stuff (as they also were actively looking), and just about what we all should do and who to ask/contact about landing one. “Where would my best bet be?”, “Where should I be looking?”, “Who would even want to hire me?” These are all things that we were asking ourselves.

My morning routine, slushies and a lap around the office on my hoverboard. 

My morning routine, slushies and a lap around the office on my hoverboard. 


About a year back, I recalled going to a big sneaker-trading event in Detroit and learning about StockX, which is basically a startup market place (stock market) of things, but they were starting with sneakers. I had been a sneaker head, meaning I love to buy/sell/trade/collect sneakers, for about 7 years now, and thought to myself, “I wonder if they’re looking for any interns this summer?”. Seemingly that thought to myself happened to also have been said out-loud, to which my friends responded, “Yeah, they probably are”. So I told them I was going to look into it tomorrow and send StockX over an email tomorrow to inquire about a potential internship. So that seemed to be a pretty productive night.

Shout out to my mom for letting me stay out past my bedtime.
— Jacob Myers

The next day, I scanned StockX’s website up, down, left, and right to try and find some useful contact info so that I could inquire about an internship, but unfortunately I found none. I considered the best shot I had at that point was to email their customer support people, but instead of complaining about a sneaker order, ask for a job. I honestly didn’t think anything would come out of it. 

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.
— Wayne Gretzky

A few days passed, still I had not heard anything from the company, which was to no surprise. BUT, about after a week, I got an email from the CTO of StockX. I couldn’t even believe my email got to anyone decently important/relevant to acquiring an internship. So I opened the email and it said that they definitely were looking to hire some software engineering interns, and would love to set up an interview and tour with me. So I replied and scheduled both of those things, and couldn’t wait for those to occur. My interview came first, which basically consisted of a phone call with the CTO that emailed me, whom asked me about my past computer science related experiences, what my favorite shoes are that I own, my availability during the summer. You know, the usual technical interview questions. And then at the end of the phone call, he actually offered me a job! I couldn’t believe that I got offered an internship, and that this whole thing worked out with me just emailing their customer service line.

So yeah…that’s pretty much it for how I got my internship, and how I got involved with Hacker Fellows was also pretty random. I received another email one day from the StockX CTO, asking if I’d be interested in participating in the Hacker Fellows Internship bootcamp/program. I looked into it, and it all seemed totally awesome. I replied with full enthusiasm that I would love to partake in the program, and basically through his “good word” and my debatably-good application and video chat with a current fellow, I got accepted into the program and loved every moment of it (that I was awake).

Thanks to everyone that helped me to succeed throughout the program and I hope to continue and evolve my relationship with everyone at StockX and Hacker Fellows and the other nine Interns throughout the summer a beyond!

Jacob Myers, 2017 Hacker Fellows Intern, currently a rising Senior at the University of Michigan studying Computer Science and Engineering. He is working with StockX for Summer 2017.