The Grass is Greener (Intern Files #012)

Annie Mathis, Lingco Language Labs, 2018 HF Intern

Annie Mathis, Lingco Language Labs, 2018 HF Intern

Oh wow what a week!

Finishing up bootcamp on Friday, I was excited to get to Lansing -- I’d move in to my apartment and start work that Monday. Lingco Language Labs, my startup, is participating in an accelerator this summer, which wouldn’t start until the following Monday. That meant that my first week with them would be planning and preparing for the accelerator.

The work itself with Lingco was (and is!) really fun. I’m feel like I really am an asset to them--I’m making design decisions and creating prototypes, which I may not have been able to do at a larger company! This small “group project” vibe is right up my alley. It’s really only Seth, the CEO and Co-Founder, and I on the front end, and we’re having a good time figuring things out together and navigating the world of React and Redux. Hopefully, we’ll have something neat to show off when July 1st, the day we’re releasing our final beta comes around! We also spent 2 hours setting up a massive kanban board (see below), because my boss and I are both obsessive about straight lines. We still haven’t finished putting up all our sticky notes!

We are now beginning to turn designs into a reality and I can already tell I’m going to be learning a ton from this experience. There’s a lot I didn’t know previously about production level code that will be invaluable for future jobs and personal projects. Especially if I ever want to create my own startup! I’m working on an idea for an enterprise right now that I’d like to finish by the end of the summer. Going through the accelerator for Lingco will really help with that venture as well, so I’m excited to start getting into the business side of things.

Aside from work -- and I won’t lie here -- I started getting really homesick. I’m from central Texas and it’s really difficult not having any of my friends close by. Still working through that, and it’s a bit of a struggle. But I found a great church nearby that I’m going to be attending for the summer! I’m hoping I’ll be busy enough and having too much fun to where I won’t really have time to miss home.

I had one friend in town just for a week and he and I made a point to explore a bit--East Lansing is very pretty. We happened upon a precious little town named Haslett about 10 minutes east, complete with a lake and a park and some great restaurants. We even went on a swimming expedition at the lake and found that the grass was ridiculously green and soft which is very different from Texas. Most grass in Texas is brown and poky and requires a sprinkler system to simply look decent, much less feel nice.

In addition to lake adventures, I plan on checking out some swing dance opportunities or technological meetups. There’s plenty of things in the area to keep me occupied, so I look forward to filling my calendar with more of those. There are even some board game groups, which seems like a fun time. The accelerator Lingco is going through will also host some social events, so I’m looking forward to those!


Annie Mathis, 2018 Hacker Fellows Intern, is currently finishing up her Computer Science degree at Baylor University. She is working with Lingco Language Labs for Summer 2018.