Michigan’s Got Talent, Let’s Keep It

Michigan is quickly becoming known for its talent and innovation. The movement we’re seeing here in our 2019 Hacker Fellows program is a sure sign of support. Starting the year strong with over 700 applicants and more than 50 committed companies, the excitement around the young and brilliant tech talent we have here in Michigan is real!

As part of the Invest Detroit family of programs, we’re serious about building Michigan’s enterprising talent. Our supporters (and the state of Michigan) know this, too, and are helping us achieve this. Support and partnership from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and The Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan have helped see Hacker Fellows into its fifth year.

Celebrating Internships That Build Relationships

This year’s internship interviews were impressive, and we’re excited to invite the new talent we have into our 2019 Internship Program! Interns won’t just learn from our program, they’ll build relationships within the tech and entrepreneurial community—a priceless experience in the budding moments of their career. One of this year’s sharp interns from MSU, Tyler Weisner, will be working in Detroit this summer for ToDoolie, a hiring platform for student helpers.

I’m really excited to be working in the growing tech start up environment here in Detroit.  ToDoolie works to create software that connects homeowners to students that are looking for a little extra work, which is something I wish I had when I was younger. I really like the team and their emphasis on learning the entire entrepreneurial process; long term I see myself creating my own startup one day, so this early exposure is key! I look forward to calling a new place home and working with new people and making tons of great connections in the 2019 Hacker Fellows cohort.

- Tyler Weisner, 2019 Hacker Fellows Intern, ToDoolie

Our interns are brilliant and ambitious. Shawki Atassi, a 2018 Intern, took full advantage of their time as a Hacker Fellows Intern last year to stand out, make connections, and he landed a job this year with Saganworks through the 2019 fellowship program!

The biggest things I've taken away from the Hacker Fellows program are definitely the friendships and connections I've made along the way. Since everyone in my 2018 internship cohort was at a similar point in their career, I was able to learn a great deal about the startup environment through everyone's unique experiences as an intern. I've also become much more comfortable with diving into the startup life thanks to the people I've met through Hacker Fellows (from my cohort and beyond). I've met people from all walks of life who are truly passionate about their work.

- Shawki Atassi, 2018 HF Intern, 2019 Hacker Fellow, Saganworks 

Meet Our 2019 Interns    


Link to Official 2019 Internship Announcement

Welcoming Our 2019 Fellows

This year, not only are we welcoming fresh new Michigan faces to the program, we’re also bringing in talent from across the country! Yasmine Frigui, a 2019 Hacker Fellow, is coming from the Bay Area in California for a partnership with a Michigan-based cybersecurity company, Censys. And we’re excited to have her here. Sorry, San Francisco…

After learning more about the program, I knew it would be the perfect opportunity for me. Michigan has an amazing startup community, and I can't wait to be a part of it. I'm passionate about cybersecurity, so I'm very excited to be working at a security company, especially one as influential as Censys.

- Yasmine Frigui, 2019 Hacker Fellow, Censys

Our Michigan talent pool remains strong. Tatiana Yugay joined Hacker Fellows in 2018 as an intern, and this year she joins our Fellowship program, working with StockX, a pioneering “bid/ask” marketplace for street wear and exclusive items.

I enjoy Hacker Fellows’ lighthearted approach towards the normally stressful process of job searching. I think it’s what most new graduates need because I’ve seen people battle with job applications on their own, with no team of people helping them through the process. I’m grateful to have Hacker Fellows as a support system during my transition into the real world.

- Tatiana Yugay, 2019 Hacker Fellow, StockX

Meet Our 2019 Fellows 


Official 2019 Fellowship Announcement to Come! For Now… Click Here

Authentic Partnerships That Matter

The talent these interns and fellows are bringing this year is remarkable, and our partnering companies agree. Since our start, Hacker Fellows has partnered with over 30 different Michigan startups, and we’re always adding more. Jasmine Burns, Head of People & Recruiting at Censys, one of our newest partners, is anticipating a great year with the program.

The program has been a great experience. There was clear communication about the steps to interview and assess the talent pool provided by Hacker Fellows, and the process was very easy to follow and navigate. We had several fellows in late stages of interviews and were pleased to meet many of them in person in the last stage, and ecstatic to bring one fellow on board.

- Jasmine Burns, People & Recruiting, Censys

Brad Hoos, Executive Director here at Hacker Fellows, explains the impression and difference that Hacker Fellows are making in the companies they work with.

Hacker Fellows has a wealth of talent, but the program is much more than a source of talent -- it's a community. Year over year, we are constantly impressed by the skills and curiosity of the Hacker Fellows -- but more importantly so are the companies they work with. Our fellows and interns have made Hacker Fellows the go-to-source for career opportunities with tech startups by the effort they've put into their startups and the program.

- Brad Hoos, Executive Director, Hacker Fellows

Time and time again, the companies we work with are impressed with the interns and fellows they have opportunities to work with. Like us, they believe in the brilliant minds that Michigan has to offer and we’re confident 2019 will show that again with this class of fellows and interns.