Startups We Work With

Hacker Fellows has built strong relationships with a diverse group of early-stage tech companies. As a Hacker Fellow, you’ll not only have the opportunity to interview with our hiring partners, but the larger network of Michigan startups. Below is who has hired our fellows and inters from 2015 to 2019.

Advaita Bioinformatics

Next-gen bioinformatics, deep variant data insights.

Plymouth, Michigan


Mobile games that make learning organic chemistry tactile, intuitive, and fun.

Ann Arbor, Michigan



Leverage the power of referral marketing. 

Royal Oak, Michigan

Arbor Metrix

Risk Adjustment. Reliability Adjustment. Peer Benchmarking.  Real Time.

Ann Arbor, Michigan



The first open cloud-based platform that connects and empowers tomorrow’s mobility systems.

Detroit, Michigan

BEET Analytics

Big data and analytics for the automotive and advanced manufacturing industry. 

Plymouth, Michigan


Boxcar Studio

Boutique web agency providing website design and development services.

Ann Arbor, Michigan


Your AI personal trainer that teaches you how to gain weight.

Detroit, Michigan


Career Now Brands

Digital marketing platform for boosting education enrollments.

Royal Oak, Michigan


Get the information you need to prevent threats and improve overall security.

Ann Arbor, Michigan



Next-generation threat detection & response.

Ann Arbor, Michigan


The most advanced conversational AI platform for enterprise.

Ann Arbor, Michigan



Strategic HR ToolKits making strong people practices smooth and effective.

Lansing, Michigan

Collective Metrics

Global aggregation of community projects. 

Grand Rapids, Michigan



Buy and recommend your favorite products, directly from social media.

Detroit, Michigan

DNA Software

DNA diagnostic design and analysis.

Ann Arbor , Michigan


Duo Security

Easy two-factor authentication and endpoint visibility.

Ann Arbor, Michigan


Software for a better future for farming.

Ann Arbor, Michigan


Fireside Audio

Listen to incredible shows, record your favorite moments. 

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Flow Video

Captivating videos that get results.

Troy, Michigan


Gig Mobile

Offering access to premium model iPhones, giving you more power and resources to run your gig economy business.

Detroit, Michigan


The leading medical device development firm for startups and early stage technologies.

Saline, Michigan


InfoReady Corp.

Helping higher education scale vital programs through software.

Ann Arbor, Michigan


Driving software excellence in the automotive industry.

Detroit, Michigan



Health engagement for individuals. Powerful analytics for organizations.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Lingco Language Labs

Expand your language classroom. Tools for instructors to elevate the language learning experience.

Lansing, Michigan 



Innovation studio that fuses application design and engineering. 

Ann Arbor, Michigan


CRM software that helps sales teams win more deals.

Ann Arbor, Michigan


OPS Solutions

Augmented reality solutions for the manufacturing environment.

Novi, Michigan


The first-ever turnkey smart lock mechatronic module.

Ann Arbor, Michigan



Remote monitoring software that transforms operational cost into business value.

Ann Arbor, Michigan


Comprehensive financial planning without the cost.

Detroit, Michigan


Red Ventures

A portfolio of digital companies that brings consumers and brands together through powerful, customized online experiences. 

Detroit, Michigan


GPS-guided autopilot system for your bow-mounted trolling motor. 

Houghton, Michigan



Ride tracking application and fleet management. 

Detroit, Michigan

Ripple Science

Web-based software for CROs, Principal Investigators and Project Coordinators.

Detroit, Michigan



A new way to organize and easily find your digital information -that works the way your brain works.

Ann Arbor, Michigan


De-risking innovation and building the future with leading-edge startups.

Grand Rapids, Michigan



Helping students understand the 21st century skills employers want. 

Ann Arbor, Michigan


Transforming basic product data into interactive shoppable rooms and outfits.

Ann Arbor, Michigan



Next-gen employment organization transparency and engagement. 

Detroit, Michigan


A content sharing platform corporations can use for teaching and learning.

Detroit, Michigan



Your enterprise carpooling solution.

Detroit, MI


The world's first sneaker stock market. 

Detroit, Michigan



Hire friendly reliable student helpers to help with yard clean up and more.

Detroit, Michigan


Innovation for the Internet of Things.

Royal Oak, Michigan



Open Source, blockchain-agnostic tools for building decentralized technology.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Trove AI

The first-ever intelligence layer for email. Your inbox in focus. 

Ann Arbor, Michigan



Art and technology company that creates smart marketing tools to grow your business.

Detroit, Michigan


A fully integrated Host Stand, Marketing Automation, and Guest Sentiment software suite for growing restaurant brands.

Ann Arbor, Michigan


Workit Health

Addiction health benefit mobile app that you can roll out in less than two weeks.

Ann Arbor, Michigan