Now that you're off to working with a startup, we have a few expectations of you until June, 2018

Monthly Video Calls Within Your Sub-Cohort 

These conversations are meant for you to have constant touch points with Hacker Fellows that are working outside of your current city. Talk about work, startup life, successes, struggles and where you're at in your personal life. These webinars should happen close to the second week of every month. 

Click Here to access groupings of fellows and their contact information. 

Monthly Meetups/Startup Site Visits

To expose you to the various companies your cohort of Hacker Fellows are working at, we will be holding monthly on-site meetups.  We will visit 2017 hiring companies and the allow the company/fellow to give a tour around their space give an overview of their technology. After the site visit, you can expect that we will experience the city that the company resides in. 

These meetups will happen close to the fourth week of every month. We will continue to use our Google Calendar to track these events. 

Quarterly Feedback

Please complete quarterly feedback on the Hacker Fellows program and your work experience. We will remind you to do so each quarter. In order to give us feedback, Click Here to access the Google Form. 

One Blog Post

We ask each fellow to write a single blog post about their experience in Hacker Fellows and launching a career at a startup. We are calling the blog series, "Startup Stories." We'd like you to write about a topic that is currently relevant while keeping in mind that your readership are future fellows. Here are some examples. 

The content strategy will take a fellow (or multiple) per month to write and submit a blog post via email under these parameters:

  • 1,500 words (or less)
  • Written in first person
  • Content pertaining to tech, work/personal life, startups, etc...
  • Contains much photo content or other media

Click Here to access the content schedule. We will create calendar invites per fellow to receive submission updates. 

March Off-Site

Every fellowship year, we plan a professional development retreat for Hacker Fellows. During this session fellows reflect on previous work experiences, discuss successes, obstacles and needed improvements. As well, we will focus in on methods of negotiation in achieving higher compensation/benefits at your company. 

This session will be on or close to March 16th, 2018 from 9am to 5pm. Your companies have previously signed off on you being able to attend this required session.