Started in 2014, MirrorCoop is designer John Linden's dream come true. Linden a well known interior design was frustrated with the current state of wall decor and wanted to bring some of his ideas to life. Thus came Mirror Coop, a brand designed around rare, antique, and colorful reflective surfaces.

Linden's love of technology brought his business online. In addition to interior design (here is an example of Linden's interior design work), he worked as a web designer and developer prior to starting his physical design business.

"Whether pixels or furniture, design is everywhere," said Linden. 

MirrorCoop's story shows how the possibilities for young, talented tech-savvy people aren't limited to just being behind a desk all day. For Linden, this skill allowed his mirror business to grow and thrive, utilizing social media in the process.

Here is a Art Deco style Wall mirror by MirrorCoop

Another, round mirror shown in a contemporary home. 

Mirrored Credenza by Mirror Coop