2019 Summer Offsite with Menlo Innovations

Menlo Innovations (map)
505 E Liberty St, LL500, Ann Arbor, MI 48104
June 21, 2019
1pm - 5pm
Mandatory for interns and fellows

Menlo Innovations will be hosting both our internship and fellowship cohorts for an afternoon of computer-less training. Menlo’s High-Tech Anthropologists will be leading us through two sessions on project management methodology and product dev concepts:

  1. Project Management: The Menlo Way
    Our project managers are the magic behind the juggling act of: overseeing project goals and delivering project expectations, advocating for the client’s needs, managing project budgets and ensuring the client experience is joyful. To facilitate this juggling act, Menlo has devised project management strategies that are enacted the minute a potential client walks in the door! This interactive experience includes writing story cards, estimating project time with your team, building work authorization boards to track project status, and communicating project status with clients. 

  2. A Taste of High-Tech Anthropology®
    Anthropology is known as the “science of humanity.” Key elements include in-depth examination of people and places, immersion in the area of interest, and the significance of observation. Our High-Tech Anthropologists® study end-users in their own work environment, observe and ask questions around their current systems and processes, and use work flows and mind-maps to capture and distill information to create designs focused on the goals of the target users.  In this session, you will be immersed in the High-Tech Anthropology® process and discover how to design a joyful user-experience. 

More information on Menlo's workshops can be found here.