You're The Reason Why This Program Exists

We appreciate your involvement and commitment to the 2018 Hacker Fellows Summer Internship Program. Hacker Fellows is 100% intern/fellow centric and has your best interest in mind! Here you will find the necessary items in preparation for your 2018 summer internship.

To start, please complete our Bootcamp Preparation Survey so we can best curate our 2018 internship bootcamp.

From there, we'd like you to review our Matchmaking Timeline as it will clarify dates pertaining to startup/intern matchmaking. We'd hate for something to come as a surprise to you.

Beginning on January 22nd at 6pm ET, we will have our monthly webinars. Further webinar dates and information can be found HERE.

Also included are Bootcamp FAQs laying out valuable insight into the 1-week Hacker Fellows bootcamp and included financial offerings from Invest Detroit during training.