Apply to have your startup/company participate in Hacker Fellows by 3.1.17. Once you apply, we will review your application and reuturn to you the next steps in the matchmaking process. We do not guarantee that your startup/company will onboard a fellow because it is ultimately your decision if you would like to extend a full-time offer to a fellow. 


Below is a list of criteria that we have for companies that would like to review and hire a Hacker Fellow(s). 

  • Have substantial operations in Michigan
  • Early stage startup
  • For profit business
  • Backed by a venture capital company or angel investor
  • Doing cool techy things, commercializing innovative technology
  • Willing to commit to hiring and keeping a computer science major over the one-year fellowship
  • The ability to support at least a $60,000 full-time salary

If your company fits most but not all of the criteria, let's chat to see if a Hacker Fellow is a good fit for your company. 


Between the dates of Online Startup Matchmaking takes place. This is the initial contact that you will have with the Hacker Fellows! We have your startup/company and the fellows create a profile in our matchmaking portal, you view each other's profile and express interest. Think of it like "startup tinder."


On 4.3.17 all Hacker Fellows and startups will attend our In-Person Interview Day at Invest Detroit's office in Midtown, Detroit. This is quite the day of stacked interviews. In 2016 startups had anywhere from one to eight interviews. Prior to the date, we'll notify you of the roster so you can do what you need to prepare.

After the In-Person Interview Day, your company has through April to perform more in-depth interviews with fellows of interest. Don't hesitate to technically screen fellows, bring them on-site and immerse them with the team. 


Between the dates of is when we advise companies to extend full-time offers to the Hacker Fellow(s). When deciding to extend an offer, your company should stick to their formal process. All we ask is that you sign and return a Grant Agreement and Offer Addendum once the fellow(s) has accepted your offer. 

When formalizing an offer to a fellow, please remember that we do grant your company ~$15,000. You should include the $15K in the dollar amount of the salary. 

The first day of work for 2017 Hacker Fellows is 7.17.17

Do you think working with a Hacker Fellow will get your business to the next level?