Apply for the Hacker Fellows 2018 Fellowship Program. Every year we accept 15 aspiring startup software developers to work with Michigan startups, boost their salaries, and run 5-week software and entrepreneurial bootcamp for our fellows. 

Please Note: Both Application/Selection Rounds Admit To The Same Fellowship Year. 


We have two application/selection rounds for Hacker Fellows. The first round of interviews will span November and December, the second round of interviews spans February through March.

In each round, applicants will have a casual phone interview with our team, and then an in-person interview in Detroit with a current Hacker Fellow, our team and a white board. We encourage prospective fellows to be their authentic self during the entire interview process -- you don't have to dress up.  

After your in-person interview, we will give you a short code assessment to complete at home. If you'd like, you can dress up during this assessment. 

After all of this is a smashing success, we will extend you an offer to be part of Hacker Fellows! 


Beginning in March, fellows will interface with the startups in the Hacker Fellows network via a matchmaking portal built by or 2015 Fellows. This portal handles all of the online matchmaking -- creating profiles, viewing company profiles & marking those companies that are of interest. Think of this like "startup tinder."

After online matchmaking, we view all of the matches, and schedule an in-person interview day at our office in Detroit. This is quite the day of stacked interviews between fellows and startups. In 2017 fellows had anywhere from six to nine interviews. Prior to the interview day, we'll notify you of the roster so you can do what you need to prepare. 

After the in-person interview day, the month of April and the early parts of May is when startups will extend full-time job offers to fellows!

View startups that have hired fellows in the past > 


The 2018 Hacker Fellows bootcamp kicks off on June 11th, 2018. We move you to Downtown Detroit for the 5-week training session so you can live in close quarters with all of the 2018 Hacker Fellows. 

Last year, our bootcamp focused on these technologies/topics:

  • Agile Development
  • Angular JS
  • AWS
  • Git
  • Ruby on Rails 

Beyond the über technical, we immerse fellows in entrepreneurial training sessions lead by Invest Detroit, startup leaders, and other key figures in the startup community.

During your time in the bootcamp, we pay for just about everything. We cover your housing, meals, the entire cost of the training and share a little change so you can explore the city a bit on your own while you’re taking part in the bootcamp.

Once we near the close of the bootcamp, we’ll share ~$1,500 with you to help cover the costs of moving.  We can’t take the stress out of moving, but this won’t hurt. We promise.

View 2016's Bootcamp Week 1 Schedule (Sample) >


July 16th, 2018 marks the first day of work for 2018 Hacker Fellows. We then coordinate directly with your start-up to boost your compensation by $15,000 during the first year. We give you this salary boost and funding so the startup has a low barrier of entry when trying to access your talent. 2015, 2016 & 2017 Hacker Fellows salaries have ranged from $55,000 - $75,000, with most being around $66,000.

In addition to coding at a startup, Hacker Fellows will participate in ongoing mentorship and activities throughout the year. We host monthly meetups amongst all Hacker Fellows, connect you with graduated fellows, check-in on you at work, and make sure you've achieved a soft landing with a startup you mesh well with.