Hacker Fellows Do's & Don'ts

Thoughts and insights coming from past & current Hacker Fellows as well as our team. We'll keep on updating the list and tweeting them out (@hackerfellows) as we get more. 


Andrew Higginbotham, 2016 Hacker Fellow

Do: Talk with and trust Sam and Brad to help you with problems you have.

Don't: Don't worry too much about money. It works out in the end!


Sam Ging, Program Director, Hacker Fellows

Do: In your application, strongly state and be proud of your experience.

Don't: Don't be fake during the Hacker Fellows application and interview process. 


Wenbo Qiao, 2015 Hacker Fellow

Do: Realize that working for a startup is not a 9-5 job, but an adventure. It's definitely the harder way towards a better self.

Don't: Don't only focus on what you are, what you know today. Focus on the future, invest in your self. 


Mario Karatasios, 2016 Hacker Fellow

Do: Have fun with the application: let out your complete, unadulterated personality. This is a startup fellowship, not a court room. #nofilter

Don't: Don't hold back -- odds are the things you censor out for other companies are the qualities and values of Hacker Fellows.


Shean Krolicki, 2016 Hacker Fellow

Do: Never be afraid to take risks.

Don't: Don't follow what everyone else is doing.


Bradley Hoos, Executive Director, Hacker Fellows

Do: Come prepared, open-minded, and willing to be yourself during interviews with us and the startups.

Dont: Don't dress up, be scripted, or try to be what you think we want to see during your Hacker Fellows interviews. 


Anne Mathis, 2018 Hacker Fellows Intern

Do: Make sure you like the people interviewing you, or that you'll be working with. You'll be seeing a lot of them, and it's a great feeling when you look forward to seeing your coworkers!

Don't: Stay up late. Studies show night owls have twice the risk for psychological disorders than their early-bird counterparts. Plus, you won't get tired in the afternoon. More pep!


Caleb Latimer, 2018 Hacker Fellow

Do: Ask questions and get out and explore when you have the chance to.

Don't: Try to use block chain for everything.