Is this a free program? 

Hacker Fellows is 100% free of charge to fellows and companies. This is possible because of the generous support of our partnering organizations. 

Do you accept students with majors other than Computer Science?

This program accepts Computer Science majors and equivalent majors. (e.g. Computer Engineering, Computer Software, etc.). We definitely look at and respect candidates that are self taught and have much real-world experience. If you are not in school to be a developer or engineer, but you're a hacker and have the skills to prove it, you belong!

How will Hacker Fellows help my professional network? 

Hacker Fellows is growing a network of developers and startups. Before getting accepted to the program, we introduce you to current and alumni Hacker Fellows. During the program, you will have the opportunity to meet many tech startups, alumni Hacker Fellows in-person and grow deep roots with our partnering organizations.

How do I know where I'll work?

The Hacker Fellows portal will allow you to research participating startups, express interest and schedule conversations. Hacker Fellows go to work with the startup that shares a common interest. Ultimately, it's up to you and the participating startups to decide where you work. Hacker Fellows' core staff is actively involved in the recruiting process, but ultimately both you and the company have to agree that there's a good fit!

What are the benefits as a Hacker Fellow?

Definitely the benefit of working for a startup; working at a small, innovative company. Even before you are working full-time for the startup, you are trained in an all expense paid software and entrepreneurial training bootcamp. 

All Hacker Fellows the following financial benefits: 

  • Monetary bootcamp stipend for living and moving expenses

  • Compensation boost granted directly from Invest Detroit to hiring company

  • Market rate or higher recommended salary

Other benefits include the mentorship and support from Hacker Fellows and Invest Detroit staff and access to the Hacker Fellows community. We plan monthly/quarterly meetups so we can take a step out of the everyday and reflect in the group environment.

What happens after the program is over?

Don't worry, you are still considered a Hacker Fellow. You're a Hacker Fellow for life. Although we do not provide the company a salary subsidy after you are completed with your fellowship or internship, Hacker Fellows do not see a decrease in salary after we stop granting their company dollars. Your talent is meant to get the startup to the next level while you are working for them. We expect that fellows continue working with their startups once the program is complete. Many of the interns continue working in a limited capacity once school resumes.

Who are the players involved?

Hacker Fellows is a program of Invest Detroit Ventures, Invest Detroit's investment team. We have partnered with the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan and Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

Will you sponsor work visas?

We welcome international fellows, but we cannot offer work sponsorship.

If you'd like even more insight, please read a this passage by Tyler Pease, 2016 Hacker Fellow who worked for BEET Analytics.