2018 Hacker Fellows Summer Interns


Below is our class of 2018 Hacker Fellows Summer Interns! As our inaugural HF internship program in 2017 was a success, we're lucky to continue the program into 2018 and beyond. These 10 talented and young developers from universities across the country will be working with tech companies throughout Michigan this summer!

Shakwi Atassi Square.jpg

Shawki Atassi, Saganworks

I'm passionate about storytelling! I've found creative outlets in the forms of music, filmmaking, and (most recently) game development. I'm especially interested in working with emerging, immersive mediums like VR. It's a chance to experiment in uncharted waters and collaborate with people from all walks of life.

Sarah Bland Square.jpg

Sarah Bland, Start Garden

I am a rising fourth year at the University of Virginia studying Computer Science and Environmental Sciences. Toss in my passion for urban ministry/ development, a handful of Dave Matthews Band albums, and some memes (for zest) and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what I enjoy. In my spare time, you can cash me ousside playing ultimate frisbee (#layoutorstayout)!

Sam Felzien Square.jpg

Sam Felzien, Tome

I'm a desert-dwelling, distance running, Computer Science major at the University of Arizona. Always on the prowl for exciting projects, knowledge, and vintage, Italian road bikes.

Melissa Heredia Square.jpg

Melissa Heredia, StockX

I am a recent Computer Science graduate of Wayne State University in the heart of midtown Detroit. I'll be pursuing my Masters there in the fall! I am passionate about learning, giving back to my community, and working hard to accomplish meaningful work. While working with a startup this summer, I hope to explore my passion and gain a better understanding of entrepreneurship.

Jade Kim Square.jpg

Jade Kim, Clinc

I'm a Computer Science major with one more semester left at the University of Michigan. During my free time, I like to play PUBG with my friends. I'm excited to work at a startup this summer because I love the fast-paced environment of new ventures!

Matt Maple Square.jpg

Matt Maple, StockX

I'm a 2nd-year Computer Science student at Michigan State University looking to further my education and improve my technical skills through hands-on experience in between games of Overwatch. I'm driven by my passion to learn and to rub anything cool I do in the face of my accountant brother.

Annie Mathis Square.jpg

Annie Mathis, Lingco Language Labs

I'm a super-senior Computer Science major at Baylor University - Sic 'Em, Bears! I have a weak spot for queso and sweet tea, as any Texan should, and I draw way too many dogs in my freetime. I like building things with a team of people, and even though my tendency to over-commit can stress me sometimes, it's nothing a little swing dance can't fix!

Ben Pinzone Square.jpg

Ben Pinzone, Clinc

Hey! I'm Ben, a rising senior studying Computer Science Engineering at the University of Michigan. My mission is to use my programming skills to make people's daily lives simpler and more joyful. The odds that I'm down to play frisbee at any given time are approximately 100%. I also enjoy playing/creating video games and being asked random questions!

Matt Rhodes Square.jpg

Mathew Rhodes, Clinc

I'm a guy that believes society as a whole can be exponentially better. I'm always seeking opportunities to improve the lives of as many people as possible. I believe AI and AR will be big players in the future and aim to master them so I can apply them to real-world problems.

Tatiana Yugay Square.jpg

Tatiana Yugay, Skillo

I’m finishing up my Computer Science major at the University of Michigan. Because of my passion for travel, my goal is to be able to work from anywhere in the world, on my own time. I believe becoming a great developer is one of the best means of achieving that.