2019 Hacker Fellows

Introducing our 2019 cohort of fellows, the future of tech and development in Michigan! We believe in the brilliant minds that our state (& beyond) has to offer and we are confident that our newest batch of fellows will make a huge impact at the startups they are going to work with.

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Shawki Atassi, Saganworks

As a filmmaker and programmer, I’m naturally drawn toward visual technologies. I’m a sucker for a good story, so I hope to develop interactive and immersive experiences that will help people share their stories through effective (and exciting) new mediums.

University of Michigan

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Mark Baker, SEAMLESS

Computer Science and Exercise Science graduate passionate about health, fitness, and creating cool things. Excited to start my career at Seamless IoT in Grand Rapids, learning more about the startup ecosystem, the inner workings of public/private partnerships, and smart city technologies.

Grand Valley State University

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Kai Cui, Shoptelligence

I am Kai, a recent grad from University of Michigan major in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I will be working for Shoptelligence as Data Scientist in July. I am passionate about using machines learning method and coding to discover hidden patterns and insights from big data. I also enjoy cooking, reading and making new friends.

University of Michigan


Yasmine Frigui, Censys

I'm a mechanical engineering graduate from UC Berkeley with a passion for software engineering, particularly in the field of computer security. In my free time, I like to enjoy the outdoors by hiking, camping, and running.

UC Berkeley

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Hew Hamilton, ToDoolie

I’m an app developer and designer, all about creating innovative and explosive platforms that will have a positive impact on people’s lives and within communities. My passion is creating things that have not yet been created. I’m also a dedicated musician, avid outdoorsman, and curious traveler.

Michigan State University

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Ashish Kamath, Kumanu

Having graduated with a biomedical engineering degree from the University of Michigan, I’m very passionate about creating projects that improve our health and well-being. Outside of that, you can find me cheering on Pittsburgh sports teams, reading up on the latest astronomy news, or watching random movies at your local theater.

University of Michigan

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Seth Killian, Lingco Language Labs

I’m a software engineer who’s always looking to build something cool that can improve people’s lives. My passions include sports, books, and technology. Running and flying are my go-to activities. I fall in love with projects easily, and when I start something, my thoughts are consumed with it until it’s complete.

Michigan State University

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Jessica Lam, Gig Mobile

I graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Media & Information and minors in IT and Chinese. My interests include discovering new music, walking around forests, photography and listening to podcasts. I have always been passionate about web design and development. My drive comes from my goal to make a positive influence on the companies I get the honor to support in the future.

Michigan State University

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Junius Murphy, Integral.

I'm a recent Computer Science graduate from the University of Michigan. I have a strong interest in creating and problem solving, which might explain my strong gravitation towards software engineering and music composition. In my past time, I enjoy coding, creating music, and reading books about software design patterns and clean code practices.

University of Michigan

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Matthew Myers, Nexient

I’m a recent Computer Science grad from the University of Michigan who’s looking forward to applying my education to developing tools that help people. Outside of programming, I love distance running, storytelling, and game design.

University of Michigan

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Vladimir Jojo Otchere, Pocketnest

When I'm indoors you can most likely find me on my computer coding, making music or reading some weird article on the net. When I'm outside, I like to be active by running, hiking or playing sports like basketball, soccer and tennis.

Michigan State University

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Eddie Lacrosse Taliaferro II, ToDoolie

I am someone with a lot of energy, and with that energy, I like to Learn, Laugh, and Create. I love to extend positive energy to others whenever I can.

Self Taught

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Rifayat Uddin, Career Now Brands

I'm afraid of comfort zones - which is why after a gap year in Romania working for a non-profit, I decided to challenge myself to pursue my second major; Data Science. I'm interested in solving complex business problems with the help of data and I'm very into the world of aviation! If you want recommendations on which airline to fly next for your next trip, hit me up!

University of Michigan

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Tatiana Yugay, StockX

I’m a recent University of Michigan grad, with a passion for learning anything and everything. Fixing bugs in code gives me a high like no other. In my free time, you’ll definitely catch me either reading books—psychology and self-development are my go-to’s—or eating—something vegan, of course.

University of Michigan

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Pearl Zhu Zeng, Sift

My background is in environmental engineering and behavioral theories. My interest in web development grew during my master’s project and I further developed my capabilities during my appointment at the Michigan Sustainability Cases initiative. I strive to become a design-oriented developer who builds technically sound apps that can generate scalable impact.

University of Michigan