When and where is the 5-week bootcamp?

The bootcamp is between the dates of June 11th, 2018 and July 13th, 2018. We will be working out of Hacker Fellows HQ (map) in Midtown Detroit. Our office is located in the heart of Midtown on Woodward Ave and is 1.5 miles from Downtown Detroit. 

What can be expected of the bootcamp curriculum?

In 2018 we will be utilizing a flipped lecture format where online lectures/course material will be prerecorded and administered on Slack one night prior to the coinciding class. Each lecture will be paired with necessary executables. The next morning, fellows will present their findings to the entire cohort. Technical topics include, Developer Methods, Git, HTML and CSS, PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails and Sprint Planning. Along with the standard curriculum, fellows will choose 2-3 technologies to self-teach and familiarize themselves with. These technologies aim to be highly valued by their startup. 

On the softer side of things, each Thursday, Invest Detroit will lead an entrepreneurial training sessions so fellows learn the inns and outs of growing a successful startup in Michigan. 

Our top priority is equipping you so there is a seamless integration between fellows and their startups. 

Fellows can also expect an extended project where they will work in teams of three throughout the entirety of the bootcamp. Each team will present their functional product on the final day of bootcamp. 

What is the living situation like during the bootcamp? 

All fellows are housed at the Wayne State Dorms (map) from June 10th, 2017 through July 14th, 2017. Fellows will be paired in each room where two rooms share a full bathroom. Don't worry, the rooms are surprisingly spacious and yes, there is WIFI. On each floor of the dorm facility there are communal kitchens. We suggest you bring specialities if needed, mini-fridge, soap, GameCube and such.

Is housing/parking entirely free?

Yes, Invest Detroit and Hacker Fellows pays for your housing and parking at Wayne State while in the 5-week training session. 

What are the financials during the bootcamp? 

Invest Detroit and Hacker Fellows gives you a living stipend during the bootcamp equating to $800. You may use this to pay for your food and enjoyment of Detroit during your time spent in the city.

During the final week of the bootcamp, fellows are offered a $1,500 move-in bonus to subsidize moving costs. 

If you'd like to know the details of what meal packages you could access through Wayne State, reach out to Sam (sam@hackerfellows.com).