Below is a list of criteria that we have for prospective Hacker Fellows. Definitely still apply if you don't fit all of the criteria but believe it has what it takes to become a fellow! 

  • Graduation between 2016-2018
  • Computer Science Major, Computer Engineer or equivalent
  • Graduating of an accredited College or University
  • Energized about making an impact in the Michigan startup community
  • A passion for Hackathons and Startup Weekends
  • Wants to preserve their creativity and individuality in the workplace
  • Definitely weird and cool with it


Start the application process by applying online.

We accept applications in two different rounds given the semester terms at university. We definitely understand that life is life and are not preferential if you apply in Round 1 or Round 2. Both rounds admit fellows to our 2018 fellowship year. 

Round 1 Application Deadline: Friday, November 10th, 2017

A Bit More

After applying, if there are cool projects that you've worked on and you want to show us, let's take the time to talk in person or via a video/screen share session. Sam is our Program Manager and you'll be interfacing most of the time from application to graduation. His email is

Don't hesitate to shoot him a note if you have any questions, curiosities or want to schedule time to chat in person.