2018 Hacker Fellows


With our 2017 fellowship program coming to a close and the 2018 programming year underway, we are continuing our work with young developers and early-stage companies. Below you will meet Michigan's wealth of talent, young developers who are making an impact not only at the startups they work with, but the community they are within. 

Daniel Bennett.jpg

Daniel Bennett, Clinc

Hello Internet! I’m passionate about usability, design, mobile apps, and web development. My personal mission is to build technology that helps people live healthier, happier, and more productive lives.

Computer Science, University of Michigan

Sam Coffey.jpg

Sam Coffey, Coetic

Hi, I’m Sam. I’ve always wanted to build things but didn’t know how until I realized my passion for computer science and the endless possibilities being a developer provides. I’m technologically and philosophically curious. I enjoy finding new ways to solve problems, building cool things, dog petting, and a sufficiently handicapped round of golf.

Computer Science, Michigan State University

Eric Crews.jpg

Eric CrewsClinc

I'm Eric, a former aspiring musician and current software engineer from Ypsilanti. Above all, I'm a novelty seeker, and to me, computers are the ultimate novelty: if you know the right symbols and put them in the right order, there's seemingly no end to what you can make them do.

Computer Science, University of Michigan

Caleb Diaz.jpg

Caleb Diaz, Bulk

Hi, I'm Caleb. I was born and raised in Miami but was drawn to Detroit for its uprising technology scene, not so much the weather. I am a full stack developer and am always looking to pick up new technologies and learn new skills. In Detroit, I co-founded Bulk: The Weight Gain App where I truly get to enjoy my passion for building mobile apps and advocating fitness.

Electrical Engineering, Florida State University

Dakotah Feil.jpg

Dakotah Feil, ChangeDynamix

I'm Dakotah. I'm a recent data science graduate from UMich interested in the intersection between tech and industries such as healthcare, mobility, and security. I'm excited to make lasting connections and to work with new technologies through Hacker Fellows!

Data Science, University of Michigan


Ryan Geyer, Waymark

Hey, I'm Ryan. I grew up loving video games, and before long I was learning how to make my own. From there I discovered my true passion: there's nothing I find more exciting than the process of creating, of taking an idea and turning it into something real that can have an impact on the world. Programming lets me do that like nothing else can, and I can't get enough of it.

Game Design and Development, Rochester Institute of Technology

Tremaine Grant.jpg

Tremaine Grant, Bulk

I am a graduate of the Florida State University where I competed as a Track and Field Athlete. I am a Co-Founder of Bulk: The Weight Gain App, and huge fitness advocate. I am most interested in the technology segment of Machine Learning and Augmented Reality and am looking forward to leveraging these technologies in the near future.

Information Technology, Florida State University

Jason Han.jpg

Jason Han, Trove

Hi, I'm Jason. I'm an avid gamer whose interests have led me to pursue engineering as a way to bring my ideas to life. I've always thought of computer science as one of the best ways to truly make a difference in the lives of others and hope to pioneer technologies that do just that.

Computer Science, University of Michigan

John Holmes.jpg

John Holmes, JOOL Health

Yo I'm John. I have a passion for helping others improve their health and wellness through technology. I love learning about new technology and figuring out how it can be used to solve problems. When I'm not involved in mobile development, I'm running, explaining to the world that J.Cole is in fact a good rapper, or trying (probably to no avail) to make someone laugh.

Movement Science, University of Michigan

Ashton Keys.jpg

Ashton Keys, OPS Solutions

Hi I’m Ashton, I’m a Detroit native who loves entrepreneurship. I would consider myself a natural creator no matter what the medium is. Outside of coding you can catch me spending most of my time working on new fashion ideas. You might see someone walking around Detroit with something I’ve made!

Experience Architecture, Michigan State University

Caleb Latimer.jpg

Caleb Latimer, RevSpring

Hi my name's Caleb. I'm a CS grad from Wayne State looking to become a full-stack developer. I have an interest in web and mobile development as well as AR/VR as emerging technology. I've been interested in programming since 2012 and after making the switch in college I've never looked back. I'm passionate about learning new technology, concepts and principles, I hope to bring that passion into some amazing projects.

Computer Science, Wayne State University


Rahul Rhoades, Skillo

Hi, I'm Rahul. I'm a nerdy foodie that loves video games, and really weird music. Since childhood computers have always fascinated me, and going into adulthood, building computers and building things with them has always been my go to pass time. This pushed me towards becoming a programmer, as it made sense to work with the tools that I enjoy building and using.

Computer Science, University of Michigan


Peter Shutt, in2being

Hi, I’m Peter. I love making things and working with embedded systems. My goal is to take everyday, ordinary things and make them smarter through technology. I am excited to be a part of Hacker Fellows and look forward to learning as much as I can!

Computer Science, Western Michigan University

Samantha Stewart.jpg

Samantha Stewart, Waymark

Unlike many of my fellow Fellows, technology hasn't always been my passion. I graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in psychology, and didn't learn to code until later in life. It turns out that people and technology aren't that different. They both require a deep understanding for a symbiotic relationship, and I'm looking forward to spending my career exploring that connection.

Psychology, University of Michigan


Jeseekia Vaughn, Autonomic

I am an aspiring amateur aerialist and also into into hand-lettering and gaming. A Detroit native, I studied Mechanical Engineering at Wayne State. I am self taught in software development technologies which has allowed me to help other non-traditional techies grow in a new career. 

Mechanical Engineering, Wayne State University