2017 Hacker Fellows Interns

Below is the inaugural class of Hacker Fellows Summer Interns! We lucky to have the opportunity to work with 10 super talented young developers from universities across Michigan.


Hanisha Arora, Start Garden

Hi, I'm Hanisha! My first time coding was about 8 months ago and it's been amazing learning. Before college, I realized I loved all crime shows and decided that I would like to make an impact in the world by doing cybersecurity. My goal one day is to work for the government!


Amanda Charboneau, OPS-Solutions

I've always been around computers and technology. My dad was a big computer guy. One of my oldest memories is him sitting me down at the dishwasher sized beige computer and grind experience for him. I've been in love with computers ever since.


Cristian Guillen, Ripple Science

I am a hipster developer from University of Michigan who enjoys to drink coffee and wear the same old beanie. I love meeting new people and talking about life and anything new or especially weird.


Ashton Keys , RideHop

I live, think, and breath Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Majoring in UX and working in Start-ups and Web Accessibility I design product with the idea of the end user first. User Research, User Interaction, and UX are all pivotal tools that I believe creates successful product.


Alexandria Kudlinski, SIFT

I'm finishing up my time at the University of Michigan, majoring in Computer Science, but what comes next? Outside of my love for video games, comics, and cartoons, I have a passion to learn. My goal in working at a start-up is being able to continue my growth outside of school while still being able to bring value to the table. 


Jessica Lam, InfoReady Corp.

I am currently a Michigan State University student studying Media & Information and pursuing minors in both Information Technology and Chinese. My favorite thing to do at MSU is visiting the art museum. As well as appreciating artwork, I love being able to implement good design and layout into the projects I've done. 


Seungyoun (Sunny) Lee, Start Garden

I was originally a Biology major. I was so intent on the idea of becoming a doctor and saving lives. Then I took my first coding class, and I realized that saving lives and being a doctor were not mutually exclusive. There are a finite number of ways one person can impact thousands of people, but with programs, I feel like I can impact the world.


Junius Murphy, InfoReady Corp.

Since I was young I have had a passion for technology and I knew that I needed to have a career in which I would have the ability to help people on a large scale. So when I entered The University of Michigan, I searched for a major that aligned with those needs. This search led me to Computer Science. I plan on using front-end and app development to change the world.


Jacob Myers, StockX

I'm currently a rising senior at the University of Michigan studying Computer Science Engineering. With a passion for efficiency, I try to apply my foundational coding skills to my everyday life in both nerdy and non-nerdy ways. I also love music and has developed a hobby in DJ’ing throughout the past couple years.


Peter Shutt, Tome

I have always liked to take thing apart and figure out how they work. I love the challenge of doing something that I have never done before. When I was a kid that was taking something apart (much to my mother's chagrin!) and having to figure out how to put it back together. Coding has allowed me to push the boundaries of doing something totally new.