2017 Hacker Fellows


2017 has been a wild fellowship year thus far. We are currently in our third year of Hacker Fellows, launched a ten member internship program and continue to work with young developers while they launch careers with Michigan startups.


Chris Berger, Nutshell

I am a social introvert and a proud cat dad with an aspiration to make a difference with the tools I create. Learning is a driving force in my life leading me to travel and discover what lies beyond the ever present closed door. I enjoy efficient solutions (not solely technical), gaming, hiking, fishing, yoga, and disc golf.


Daniel Choi, Trove

Inventing has always interested me, and programming is the product of that interest. To develop something useful and interesting, along with the feeling of "wow, I made this" is always satisfying. Of course, I'm also interested in books, manga, and games, which are all inventions themselves.


Cash Compton, Trove

I'm a software engineer who's always looking to build something cool that can improve people's lives. My passions include sports, food, books, and technology. Riding my bike and playing pick-up soccer are my go-to activities. I fall in love with projects easily, and when I start something, my thoughts are consumed with it until it's complete.


Ryan Feldman, OPS-Solutions

I've always been told to be myself. Once I found a creative outlet in software development, I was hooked. I have a formal education in Computer Science and Game Design & Development. Through my educational and personal projects, I've grown a passion for transforming ideas into reality. I want to continue this by working at a startup in Michigan.


Ben LapidSaganworks

Hi I'm Ben. A creator at heart, I am interested in video games as a medium, VR, and all things procedural generation. I've been coding games since I was in the 5th grade. Today I've launched a few successful Kickstarters for some of my games and plan on doing so for a long time.


Jon Lehto, ProNav Marine

I'm from South Range, MI, a town of 750 people, and found my first job at a small website company. Ever since then I've loved the work. I think of programming as an artwork, and I take pride in creating clean, concise, and efficient code. Also, I love working with small close-knit teams, a holdover from growing up in a small town.


Ivy Markwell, Ambassador

My name is Ivy, and I'm from Texas! I love solving problems, and I love building things and seeing them function. I'm more interested in Full Stack and BackEnd Development. I love being behind the scenes and being why things can operate the way they're supposed to. I'm super spontaneous, I love learning, traveling, and cats.


Courtney Myers, OPS-Solutions

I am inspired by the wonder I see in everyday life to come up with creative, imaginative solutions to commonplace and technical problems. I enjoy learning for curiosity’s sake as well as writing both music and stories, and I find new challenges and discoveries exciting, which serves as a constant drive to innovate.


Yoseph Radding, Bankrate

I'm Yoseph. I am a licensed Aircraft Mechanic from NYC who loves to build awesome things. I have always had the itch to build things, and my experience related to getting my FAA license further affirmed my desire to become an engineer. I enjoy being on the cutting edge of technology and can't wait to begin building great things!


Chris Salem, Pixel Velocity

I'm about to graduate college. I want to live a good life. I love to build things, so I naturally found I liked coding. I love to surf and play the drums - those things make me feel alive. I love technology, but sometimes I get sick of staring at screens. Let's build technology that makes quality of life better without making us dependent on it.


Mike Sutton, Collective Metrics

I'm a relatively quiet person who is always thinking and observing. I'm fascinated by how things work. I enjoy thinking logically but can appreciate when creativity is required. My goals in life are rather big but I'm not afraid to take risks in order to achieve them. I've founded two startups and look forward to whats to come.


Nick Thomas, SU2 Systems

I’m Nick, and entertaining others has always been my passion. I hold several juggling world records, and have lots of hobbies such as unicycling, making balloon animals, and playing the ukulele. I also have an interest in math, and love brain teasers and algorithms. I’ve been programming since early high school and love attending hackathons.


Tammie Thong, NewFoundry

I'm a biologist/comp scientist, who recently found out that she loved coding! I graduated at the end of January from Calvin College with a BSc in CS and Biology. I am passionate about helping more girls discover a love for computers. Until recently, I was a facilitator at Girls Who Code and part of Google's IgniteCS program.


Nico Vergara, Ambassador

I'm a developer/audiophile with a background in computer science and psychology that loves what they do. I surround myself with my passions and passionate people so that I can gain the most out of life. I'm interested in UX as well as functional programming (Elixir) and I'm looking for a company that is trying to help better the lives of others.


Liza Wilde, BoxCar Studio

I started teaching myself how to code when I was 13, and I've been hooked ever sense. Now, more than a decade later, I love bringing beautiful design alive on the web, and teaching others how to do the same. When I'm not buried in my computer, you can find me at the dog park with my pup, or organizing events for GDI Ann Arbor.