2016 Hacker Fellows

2016 has been a wild fellowship year thus far. The inaugural class of Hacker Fellows have graduated. Now we are into our second year strong. We have 15 fellows from 8 different universities working for 12 different startups. 

Our 2017 Hacker Fellows class will start in June 2017


Andrew Higginbotham, AMF Nano

I am a graduated computer engineer from Michigan Technological University. I find that programing and algorithms come naturally to me, and it has certainly helped me get to where I am today. Well that, and a love for problem solving. My long term goal is to start my own startup using what I learn working for one.


Benjamin Willshire, Tome

If it isn’t already obvious by the fact that I am a CS graduate, I am a giant nerd. Technology has always been one of my passions. I knew I wanted to work in the CS field since freshman year of high school. Video games are also something I am passionate about. I try to play as many games as possible to find all the unique experiences they can bring.


Haitham Maaieh, JOOL Health

I am a self-taught software engineer, which lead me to my work with several start-ups in the mobile health technology space. My work is influenced by my value for creativity and vitality and my passion for making a positive, quantifiable difference in as many people's lives as I can.


Jessica Wu, NewFoundry

As an artist, foodie, and nature enthusiast, visuals have always been important to me, so finding out that I could code while keeping aesthetics in mind made me love web programming. However, the science geek and thinker in me found the back end to be a lot more fun to pound out. My goal is for both halves of me to do work and love doing it.


Mario Karatasios, OPS Solutions

Just a self-proclaimed 1337 hax0r. I'm big on crypto and tin foil hats. Security has become a passion of mine a bit over a year ago after taking an intro security class. Since then I've attended cons and participated in Capture the Flag events, and I'm still learning every day. Give me my Linux box and a ski mask and one day I will hack the planet.


Mark Furland, Tome

Self-taught web dev before getting a job at UVM for it, did Process Automation at ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor last summer, and am passionate about learning new things. I am a bit more focused on backend stuff, analysis, and a wee bit of AI/machine learning.


Michael Baldwin, Notion AI

Grüezi, I'm curious about the world around me: why we're here, how things work, and how we all relate. Wanderlust and my Swiss heritage brought me to live in Zurich for half a year, where I explored the Alps and chocolate factories. When I'm not engrossed in a new, puzzling algorithmic challenge, you can catch me playing some footy outdoors.


Mike Swierenga, Tome

A former Ace helpful hardware man and carpenter who has taken his love of building things to the digital multiverse. I always knew there had to be a skill that could combine my interest in the theoretical and practical sides of existence. Working on creative software applications in mobile and embedded environments is where I want to be.


Michael Wright, Duo Security

I'm a life enthusiast. That's sort of a silly phrase; in more words - I enjoy people, problem-solving, good design that solves problems, talking about and addressing important issues, learning, learning, and learning more about anything I don't understand. I have a passion for the outdoors, exercise, dancing (badly), music, and rock climbing.


Nathan Hishon, Career Now Brands

My mission: to be a team member at a start up that is making/doing something straight up innovative. I like design, and I'm hoping to actually have a voice in how things are designed in a company, not to just be a cog in some massive company's bureaucratic process. My other mission is to really learn how to make interfaces that people enjoy using.


Ofili Ichaba, StockX

I believe the goal of every design is to provide a solution. One of my hobbies is reading books about iconic designs such as the Dyson Vacuum cleaner, to learn how good solutions are created. I enjoy software engineering and graphics design because they are ways I can implement principles I have learned.


Phillip Lee Voydanoff, RideHop

I served my nickel at the University of Michigan-Dearborn studying Software Engineering. A lifelong learner, whose goal of success is comprised of hard work and passion. Recently have been working on a tool that groups users with shared interests into events. The goal, to actually make new friends.


Robin McNally, BEET Analytics

I've spent the last 4 years hacking away at a CS degree at Michigan Tech. There, I've really taken a shine to Machine Learning and upcoming systems languages (like Rust!). When I started programming I attempted to create a Sudoku solver. More recently I have been working in what spare time I have to develop a roguelike video game.


Shean Krolicki, Advaita Bioinformatics

My passion is to do things outside of my comfort zone. It is never easy, but it’s simple-- take the road you are less familiar with. I speak English, Japanese and Software. I have always been interested in working for a start-up; I want to start my own company someday. I am all about learning, so I am ready to learn anything that is new.


Tyler Pease, BEET Analytics

I grew up as a cliche. I lived in a normal town, normal school and capped it off with a big bureaucratic college. Struggling, I realized where my path was leading, and did the only thing I could. Fight back. After a battle, I found what I wanted: Programming. Now it's time for me to strive to become a true hacker.