Welcome Hacker Fellows Into Your Life (#1)

  • Meet Hacker Fellows' internal team as well as your 2017 bootcamp instructor, Jason Swett
  • Ask in-depth questions you may have about your upcoming fellowship year
  • Begin preparing your résumé, professional profiles and personal material for startup matchmaking
  • Access: Zoom Media Conference


Building a Strong Profile (#2)

  • In-depth look at progression fellows' résumé, professional profiles and personal material
  • Inner workings of Matchmaking Portal Profiles: What to add, what to leave out
  • After this session fellows will have a template for their future matchmaking profile
  • Access: Zoom Media Conference


Technical Interview Prep (#3)

  • Learn about valuable tools when preparing for technical interviews
  • Review sample/practice problems 
  • After this session fellows will have knowledge of the types of questions they can expect in technical interviews and where to access practice problems
  • Access: Zoom Media Conference


In-Person Interview Day Prep (#4)

  • Q/A session with 2015 & 2016 Hacker Fellows about April 7th In-Person Interview Day
  • How did the day run in the previous two years? What worked and what didn't work while interviewing?
  • What to expect while interviewing with 5-7 different companies?
  • Access: Zoom Media Conference