Last But Not Least (Intern Files #007)

Building custom software used to programing projectors and acquiring sensor data is pretty neat. I didn't fall upon my experience at OPS-Solutions easily, it took serious persistence with my professional contacts and upmost value of my individuality. I am so thankful that I wore my calculator watch to Michigan Tech's job fair...

Working For a Startup While Running My Own (Intern Files #006)

While running my own fashion startup, I decided to join Hacker Fellows Internship program to learn the inner workings of a growing tech startup. What makes a tech startup successful? How do you manage building software with multiple contributors? I wanted answers to these questions for my career trajectory. I'm now am realizing that this experience is positively affecting my company Ninety6

Gymfellows, Pumping Iron and Writing Code (Intern Files #004)

Interning 9-5 InfoReady Corp., working on their UX/UI initiatives has already been a very nice summer experience. A few of the interns and myself wanted to make a point to take a step away from coding and get in shape. We created a workout Slack Channel! We call it ... not "Gymterns," "Gymfellows!" No gymtimidation here! 

After The Honeymoon Phase (Intern Files #003)

The honeymoon is over and 14 days of work at InfoReady Corp. down! To my surprise, my first week was planning for scale and my second week was sifting through mountains of Angular 2. This summer is building to be the season of working with a tech company full of mentorship and heavy hitting connections.

First Week of Work in Grand Rapids (Intern Files #002)

Prepping for my first day of work, I remember feeling both nervous and excited on Sunday night. Now that the first week of work is over, I can confidently say that working at Start Garden is an incredible opportunity for me to learn about the Smart City initiative and IoT. Grand Rapids will be the perfect place to live for the next eight weeks.

One Week of Code, Food and Startups (Intern Files #001)

Before starting the bootcamp I was a little nervous about how things would go down. I would be living with basically 10 strangers in Detroit for a week. It was not like anything I had done before. Being able to learn: for free, without grades, for a solid week -- this experience made my broke college heart smile + it was like a giant sleep-over with a bunch of other computer science nerds.

Reflection of an Epic Inktober

Jessica Wu, software developer for NewFoundry Group, 2016 Hacker Fellow and avid illustrator/inkster reflects on an epic month of October filled with ink, paper, introspection and art. Jessica participated in a 31 day movement called Inktober -- a drawing challenge where artists from around the world create a work of art a day and document their experiences. Take a look a some of Jessica's pieces and read her reflection.